Critical of Critics

Now, I realise I can’t stop publishing ironic statements in my blog, but this post is potentially the forefront of all of that irony. Evidently, the world could do without negativity, particularly those vibes coming from the Gaza strip currently – but seriously, the Israeli-Hamas war that is ongoing, where children, schools and hospitals are casualties to Israeli missiles, HAS to end. In a less fatal way, negativity in the form of criticism or aggression, is a strong source of failure, and, consequently, I have a definite disgust for critics and negative people alike.

Although I am not a ‘positive-vibe’ fanatic, I find that encouragement and positivity changes someone’s outlook on a situation, and people going against such a viewpoint can easily get on my nerves. I recently read a delightful story about an inspirational frog, which I strongly recommend to brighten up your day here:

Back to criticising critics, there were a couple of articles that popped up during my habitual internet feed check, and, simply, I just sighed in disappointed. These articles are written by the kind of people who want to just watch the world burn and I wonder if their criticality is due to the fact it is attention-grabbing as it definitely grabbed mine. However, I don’t believe it is required to even write such articles like ‘Netflix is no longer so special’, but perhaps it is a desperate measure to be acknowledged! I was deeply offended by one with the title ‘Should we mourn the end of blogs?’, because, as a student and therefore new blogger, I arrived too late for the funeral, which is clearly not true with the amount of quality and successful blogs still roaming the internet.

My point is that I will always have time for those who want to find the next big thing, want to meet new friends, have more fun instead of searching the graveyards for things that were once at the top, only to check how far they fall. If you read the frog story, I hope you celebrated its reaching of the summit rather than wondering how it will hit the ground.

Follow your dreams and you won’t have to worry about falling.

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