Me, Myself, I, and That Other Guy

Me. Who am I? Ah, I remember now. That guy that follows me around and has that dark, mysterious friend who only ever appears when there’s light. Hmm how ironic. Anyways, I hate talking about myself, I normally let my parents do that whenever we meet friends of a friends of a friends, but if I’m off to university next year I guess I’ll have to learn pretty soon.

Now I would say I’m one of a kind but I don’t mean to use it in a way most people would think. If you say it yourself it always appears arrogant, though when someone else says it to me, it generally sounds like I belong in a psychiatric ward. I mean ‘unique’ in a way that I have never met someone exactly like me but my hopes are that blogging connects me to more people more like me.

First off, I have to confess my addiction to sport. It comes to the point where I nearly got heat stroke after going for a lovely run at the peak temperature during a school/friends holiday (no teachers but classes) to the beautiful, but scorching, Salamanca. Football, cricket, golf, basketball, american football, etc, sports are my greatest passion, whether it’s playing, watching or doing anything to involve myself – including collecting many of this year’s world cup stickers for both the nostalgic value and the excitement factor.

Playing video games also takes up a great deal of my spare time. I have recently built my own computer in order to play some of the latest games rather than spend out on a new console. Normally I play sport games and RPG games, which I love for the fact you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want – this is freedom at its best and feeling free is incredible.

Also, puzzle games are just great. If anyone loves puzzles but have never played video games they are certainly missing out on Portal 2, full of fun and problem-solving. My siblings always used to watch the television, whilst I would sit in another room playing with my jigsaws, and I loved it. I guess that is the reason I have grown to enjoy maths through school and at college, and consequently desire to study mechanical engineering at university.

I have never understood, however, why I still possess a creative mind. There must be links with my problem-solving nature and my interest in design and creative writing but at my current status I am merely befuddled. Designing is definitely enjoyable for me, making my Gravatar was fun though it took me about 5 minutes and I aim to create an image to feature with each post.

In terms of creative writing, I believe it’s due to my imagination. “You’ve got your head in the clouds, boy!” I would imagine a teacher bellowing at me if I were born years earlier though my chemistry teacher ensures to remind me I’m a ‘dozy but excellent’ student. Writing down new stories as if they were happening in front of me was fascinating during my time of studying English, but, unfortunately, the rest of the class wasn’t for me. My own mother recommended me to a journalism career path, yet I went for engineering, as if the two are interchangeable!

So if anyone who decides to read this thinks that they have many things in common, please feel free to leave a comment with your blog linked, as I am always interested in finding new bloggers similar to myself.

Have a great day – and learn to love your shadow.


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