Logging in to Blogging

I thought my first blogging experience should be about – well – blogging. Blogs, for me, used to be extracts from a personal, non-secret diary, visible for the internet-accesible world. However, these days they come in all sorts of forms: dieting tips, advice for frugal personalities, travel help, etc.

As a student, I can’t provide expert knowledge in economical fields which initially put me off the thought of starting a blog after seeing so many providing tips such as “5 Ways You Can Eat A Cheesecake”. Admittedly, these article-style blogs have useful information but, likewise, I enjoy having a nosy at others’ life experiences, thoughts on current affairs and generally finding out about new things.

I have developed a fascination about how we, as the human race, are beginning to think due to the digital age and I believe this is partly due to other blogs I have read. Blogs are certainly influential on many people, and it is a shame that the popular forms of blogs have been cropped into 140 characters (Twitter) in which teenagers (like me) feel it essential to announce their traffic difficulties on the way home from college or the outrage of finding their coca-cola half-filled with ice by the fast-food outlet! (To be fair that is an outrage – you either have to suffer a warm drink without ice or a severely-diluted one with ice)

I do believe Twitter is a great concept: it is quick, easy to use and brings people together easily – yet it lacks depth. It would seem strange if one were to tweet: “Can the brain power a human’s ability to understand the limits of the power of the brain?” In my opinion, this would work perfectly in a blog. In fact, it is a field of research that interests me and deserves time for thought, of which Twitter doesn’t actually require).

Now at this point, I have noticed I can actually ramble, which I am, strangely, pleased about because usually I can’t think of a topic of conversation – with a small child, a pensioner and anyone in between. I feel I can be rubbish with words when they come out of my mouth, but maybe I could save that for a later blog!

Another problem I remember having with essays at school is the structure. The humorous ‘PEE’ structure (Point, Evidence, Explain) was always a struggle and I could never understand why. I simply thought – ‘Never mind, I’ll sort it out eventually’ – and I dislike those types, only because I am one myself.

It has also come to the point of realisation that I don’t care about the fact I am that person, since I feel my thoughts are flowing into the buttons of my keyboard a lot more effectively than at the start of this piece, yet I don’t feel it necessary to go back and change it one bit.

OK. Here’s my first goal: Think about what to write beforehand – WITH A PLANNED STRUCTURE – and then write it and check it. Maybe writing goals on here is an unconventional idea but at least it can’t get binned like a sticky note above my desk on my bedroom wall – and with that my ability to achieve my potential. Grim but true.

To finish on a more uplifting note I would like to offer an inspiring quote from the football pundit Mark Lawrenson, whose quotes page I like to read for a little chuckle:

“If plan A fails, they could always revert to plan A”

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